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Recent Testimonials from Parents

 Parents of an 8th Grade Graduate
      Our daughter has been attending Brookfield since Pre-first, and after 9 years she is graduating from 8th grade as valedictorian. We are so proud of her. It would not have been possible without the dedication and support from the teachers at Brookfield.
      Brookfield teachers are amazing. They make education fun in elementary school, yet their focus is academics. Middle school has a rigorous curriculum which prepares students for the challenges of tomorrow. Teachers are knowledgeable, dedicated, and engaged. We loved the 1:1 parents-teacher meetings and teachers’ feedback.
      Dr. Jo Gonsalves has done an outstanding job as a principal. She has been a great advisor whenever we needed guidance. Brookfield is not just a school, it’s a community. It is a safe place to send your kids for education. We were impressed by the remarkable response and efforts of Brookfield during the COVID-19 pandemic. The transition from in-person to online education was quick and almost seamless while other schools in the region were struggling to figure out what to do. This was a great teamwork between students, teachers and staff, and parents as well. We all lived up to the Brookfield motto - ‘Rising to the Challenge!’.
      All in all, this has been an incredible and successful journey for us. Our daughter is graduating as an intelligent, independent, and a confident young lady. Our best wishes to Brookfield School!
Posted on Yelp

           We are nearing the end of our first year at Brookfield and it is time to tell the world about our experience!  We have a "Pre-First" grader (Kindergartner) who takes off running into school each day and talks a mile a minute about the events of her day when we pick her up. I have been substitute teaching at the school as well, so I have experienced the school culture in my own way. In my experience, I have witnessed students in various classrooms completely excited about learning. Imagine all hands going up at once when the teacher asks a question!  Picture giving a classroom of 3rd graders an afternoon project on a Friday, and all of them hunker down enthusiastically to do their best work.  There is a sense of ownership and pride in doing a good job.

       The community is made up of self- motivated, hard-working individuals from the administration, to the teaching staff, and all the way through the school community.  These are things we were generally told at a preliminary informational meeting. It all sounded too good to be true.  At this point I would say that everything Brookfield presents itself to be is absolutely true. Having said all of that, the thing I care most about is also there: genuine warmth and love. We are amazed at how much our daughter is learning each day without anyone pushing her in any way to succeed.  She has taken to the whole environment like a fish to water.   I also want to mention that for as hard as the Brookfield kids work, they play just as hard.  We are happy to see scuff marks on our happy kid's knees and mud splashes on her dress on a regular basis. 

      I want to sing Brookfield's praises for attracting a culturally and economically diverse school community!  My husband and I were impressed at the length the school goes to in minimizing the appearance of economic gaps.  For example, even the lunch boxes we were asked to specifically provide were relatively cheap, well-made, unadorned mini-coolers.  The kids sit on them and  each other up during breaks- it's super cute... It seems to us that many of the different ways in which students could put any sort of status on display are generally removed.  It is as level a playing field as I have ever seen.  All that seems to matter at Brookfield is learning, growing, achieving, etc.--  without distractions. 

        Is your child a voracious learner, maybe a future Ivy Leaguer?  This is where you want to be. Do I see my child as a future Ivy Leaguer?... nope.  I don't think so. We're a bunch of artists over here.  We just wanted our kid to have a good work ethic and a strong foundation for whatever future projects she has in mind.  Left to her own devices, we know our little wildflower would tumble out like a freewheeling tumbleweed.  We thought we would give her some strong roots to go along with her free flowing creativity.  So far so good.  She goes into Brookfield all buttoned up and when she comes home, she throws on a fairy dress and writes a play or a song...  I think we're on to something!

        I have one last opinion that may be helpful to someone: The workload moves at an extremely fast clip and it doesn't let up.   It could easily be a recipe for disaster if it isn't a right fit.  In our home, philosophically, we'll take a Brookfield "B" rather than an "A" any day just so our kid can skip homework here and there and have some evenings at the park with friends.  That reminds me, I should say that the grading system isn't really A's, B's and C's, etc.  It is a numbered system that relates to communicating whether or not the student has a mastery of the subject.  It's really cool and we like it so much better than letter grades. 

        The last thing I will say is this: if you like Dr. Jo, you will like Brookfield.  I think of her as a multi-faceted, joyful, sincere, academic visionary who walks her talk.  I feel as though I could keep typing all day about this... but I will stop there.  I hope this was helpful to someone!

- Submitted by a Parent, Heather F

Posted March-June 2020 Following the State-wide shut down and conversation to on-line Education:

Brookfield absolutely did an AMAZING job getting virtual online learning up and running so quickly after the abrupt closure of schools. We've been thoroughly impressed by the fantastic organization and effort from you and all staff that was required to make it possible for the kids to not miss a beat with school even though our whole world seemed to change overnight. Thank you so much for the many days and nights and weekends that you worked yourself tirelessly to make it happen. We really appreciate you! And all the Brookfield staff!! This is just another instance in which we are so happy we chose Brookfield for our kids' education and are supremely confident we made the right choice.

- Submitted by a parent


WHOA!  (Child's name) school, Brookfield, is so ahead of the rest of the state with implementing effective remote-schooling. I'm actually exhausted (in a good way) from keeping up with the curriculum Mr. S has outlined (2nd Grade). On top of that, we have language, PE (still!)  as well as music and computer lab classes integrated.  I'm solidly impressed.

- Submitted by a parent


As we inch towards the end of our first week in this new, strange environment, I wanted to drop you a quick line to say how much we appreciate the hard work you and the Brookfield staff are putting in. You transitioned to online learning with impressive speed and with a minimum of fuss.  Of course there have been occasional technical glitches--mostly due to my own technological incompetence--but I've been impressed with all the teachers (sons' names) have interacted with this week. They've all demonstrated exceptional patience and ingenuity in the most testing of circumstances. We feel very lucky to be part of the (remote!) Brookfield community!

-Submitted by a parent

 I would like to share some of my first week of school impressions.
 The first day (and really first three days) at Brookfield ran like a well-oiiled machine. It was evident that teachers, staff, and the parent association were organized, prepared, and there was a game plan in place to not only welcome children and families, but to honor them as well.
 I realized by Friday that I was actually traumatized by our experiences at our previous school where it seemed that parents were resented (unless they were giving countless hours volunteering) and the play yard, bell schedule, and overall school  culture were "works in progress" that no one seemed to invest in prior to our arrival. Families were scurrying around trying to figure things out and feeling quite scattered in the process which did not bode well for children!
I only share this because it took being at Brookfield the first week to realize what we were missing and could not quite put our finger on in that moment... the first day charge to our young scholars was inspiring and set the tone for the academic year.
 Thank you for your passion and commitment.
- submitted by the parent of a transfer student 
 Our daughter just started at Brookfield this year in the third grade and we couldn't be happier! Small class sizes, challenging curriculum, character education - all things that we weren't getting at her old public school. Also like how instead of just having one teacher all day she has separate Spanish, Computer, Music, and P.E. teachers. It's really amazing to see what kids are capable of when the bar is raised!
-submitted by the parent of a transfer student
Brookfield is the best place we can imagine for our child. Many choose Brookfield for the exceptional academic program, but what we appreciate above all is the high level of teacher involvement. Since Kindergarten, our child has felt nurtured and valued by the teachers. Each classroom averages only 12-16 students, so the children receive all the guidance they need academically, personally, and socially. The teachers are very caring and extremely dedicated. Every grade level teacher we've had has created a very positive and memorable experience for our child. The staff and students create a community that is safe and supportive and builds social confidence. Communication between teachers and parents is very reassuring. Some teachers provide daily emails about classroom happenings; some, like the Kindergarten teacher, take the time to send regular photo albums so parents can see what their child is enjoying. These teachers love to teach, and it shows. Brookfield has brought out the best in my child. I thank Brookfield's teachers for helping me raise a kind, confident, creative and happy child. Brookfield is a wonderful place to learn and grow.
- Submitted by a parent

We just enrolled our 4 year old boy in Brookfield for their brand new pre-school program. We are so happy that we made the move to Brookfield. The program director Janie is always there to make sure all your questions answered. Dr. Jo did great job welcoming us to the community. Ms. Williams made their first week transition as smooth as possible. My child is learning actively everyday and Ms. Williams has a monthly teaching planner for her class. She is a very caring teacher and the kids love her. My boy tells me everyday that he loves his school and Ms. Williams. As parents, we can't say enough thank you to the school!
 - Submitted by a preschool parent
Starting my daughter with a Montessori school so as to begin schooling early with that method of teaching was a good decision. Then to a local public school where it took only 9 days to realize that that was no place for learning so then homeschooling. There, the amount accomplished in much less time was near to remarkable. Then to a charter school whose best attribute was a good business plan but where my daughter was bored for being unchallenged and so was effectively learning how to fly under the radar of a teacher's attention. Then, now, Brookfield. Brookfield has been a good decision for and by our daughter. And "by our daughter" is the big part of why I like it. Now, my daughter is enjoying the company of like-minded students all of whom are liking the idea of being and becoming smart. And the diversity only enriches the whole experience, dollars, colors and cultures. Brookfield is an impressive school and I would argue that this is because Brookfield struggles well to live up to its philosophy/mission statement. Most school statements, I have found, come from the business side of things and so arise out of the need for public relations rather than from any declaration of guiding principles. Minimal-to-no correlation between the talk and the walk. As a result, such mission statements have no real eye on any educational prize. Not so Brookfield's. Brookfield's philosophy statement rings true. Add to that their history of success... Amidst the myriad of choices for educating children, finding the one that struggles well to remain true to a greater ideal, and remains agile in the day-to-day changes and challenges, that school should be on the short list. It's just a rare thing to find. I submit that anyone who's able to consider, and be considered by, Brookfield should. Plus, its fun to happen upon Brookfield alum and see where they are now...
- Submitted by a parent 

This is my son's first term at Brookfield. He has attended four private schools- 3 in CA and one one the East Coast. Was the transition for my son bumpy in the beginning? Yes. Have Dr. Gonsalves and her staff listened to our concerns and supported us during the transition? Absolutely. We have been here for less than a year, and my son is flourishing both academically and socially. Dr. Gonsalves has personally done everything she can to welcome us into the Brookfield fold and ensure that our son is academically on track. Her genuine dedication to the Brookfield community, and considerable educational experience has been a blessing and a source of reassurance. We looked into several schools in the area before deciding to enroll our son here, and we haven't looked back.
- Submitted by a parent

Brookfield is a gem our boys transferred into Brookfield this year (1st and 5th) from a parochial school and had a seamless transfer thanks to the connected staff and kind students. After two 'shadow days', both had a spark in their eye and said they wanted to stay at Brookfield! Our 1st grader is learning French, challenging spelling words taught in a kinesthetic manner, writing book reports using proper format and grammar, accelerated math concepts, music, daily physical education (not just "go play"), and much more. With a dedicated, loving teacher, no wonder he wakes up early for school! Our 5th grader has never been happier. He's surrounded with like-minded kids who know it's cool to be smart and support each other's successes. The middle school teachers are all highly educated (check website) and involved with the students. Academics are rigorous, which is exactly what our gifted middle school son was craving. The teachers customize the learning experience and present it in a fun and engaging way. We have seen genuine support and enthusiasm from all of the middle school teachers. Both boys are excited about learning again! Nothing but praise for this special place.
—Submitted by a parent

My daughter is a first grader at Brookfield School. We love sending our child here. The teachers are very engaged and keep parents in the loop regarding the student's progress. I even get text messages when my child's report card has been posted online (to their secure server). Dr. Jo Gonsalves, the Principal has a knack for finding and hiring true gems as teachers: Ms. Angie Pfleiderer for Pre-First students, Ms. Mertel for Pre-First, Mr. David Shackelford and Mr. Davis. You can tell that all of them have found their true calling in teaching. Mr. Shackelford emails us regularly sharing the progress our child makes at the school. If your child is ready for an advanced curriculum, then this is the best place to send them. You get the sense that the teacher and the parents are truly part of the same team helping your child blossom. Kudos to the Brookfield Principal and her teaching staff for all that they do!
—Submitted by a parent

We love Brookfield!!! We have two children at Brookfield and are preparing to send our third in two years. This diverse school has proven over and over again to be the perfect blend of academic challenge and creativity. The kids do not even realize how advanced they are as it is all they've known. They are reading chapter books, writing essays and completing 2nd grade math problems by the end of kindergarten (pre-first). They learn in fun, unique ways and the teaching staff (all of which are exceptional) are excited, motivated and available no matter what time of the day to both you and your child. This school is not for everyone, however. You have to work with your child everyday on homework and projects. If you aren't willing to make this time, you should probably look elsewhere. For us, being part of our kids' academic enrichment is very important. The principal is also incredibly involved - she does weekly newsletters, allows for drop-ins and checks emails frequently. My husband and I never had this kind of experience as children. We are so proud to be Brookfield parents. :-)
—Submitted by a parent

Brookfield has been a wonderful learning environment for our daughter. She is learning so much in a challenging academic environment, and she absolutely loves it!
—Submitted by a parent

Mrs. Mertell is the msot amazing teacher. Mrs. Mertell is warm, loving, caring, never judgemental, enthusiastic, and eager to teach the children. My daughter looks forward to school every morning and returns in the evening bragging about her day. The staff at the school always greets parents and children with warm smiles and genuine attitudes. The correspondence between the school and parents is open and always flowing. I feel informed and welcome to call the staff and teachers. There have even been instances of Mrs. Mertell exchanging emails with me into the late night hours. Amazing school! I am eager to send my youngest there, once she is old enough. I can't say enough wonderful things about my daughter's experience and my experience with the school, staff, and teachers.
—Submitted by a parent

My third child is at Brookfield right now and is receiving an amazing education, just like her two older siblings, and her mother. The standards that Brookfield teachers hold the students to are very high, both academically and personally. Our kids' test scores on the annual SAT 10 (and SAT 9, previously) show how academically rigorous the curriculum and accountability is at Brookfield. They have learned how to be integral parts of teams and to hold themselves personally accountable for their school work and responsibilities. Brookfield is a wonderfully enriching environment for all students.
—Submitted by a parent

Our son just started attending Brookfield and we are amazed at how well he is doing. The school is all about the children's learning experience with a primary focus on strong academic curriculum and personal attention. The principal, teachers, and staff are attentive, helpful, and understanding in my interactions with them. Taking all my questions and concerns and displaying a true positive attitude toward learning. I look forward to all the knowledge our son will be getting and comfortable with the schools personal attention that encourages student achievement and responsible behavior.
—Submitted by a parent

Brookfield so far has been very good for our daughter who is a new transfer student this year; she was in a locall catholic shool before and simply wasn't academically challenged enough. This school offers small classes and thus an intense learning environment with what so far appears to be very motivated teachers. We couldn't be happier!
—Submitted by a parent

My daughter is in Pre-First (Brookfield's Kindergarten) and we just LOVE IT! The Principal, Dr. Jo is amazing. The Pre-First teachers are top notch. You wouldn't believe what these kids are learning and happily...reading, writing, spelling, math!!! No waiting around for kindergarten year to "be over" so they can actually learn something (which is what all of my friends with kids in public school are saying). In addition, they are learning French...yes, REALLY LEARNING French!! And have PE and music classes which the kids just love. They are learning computer use. The teachers in these subject areas are fantastic. The student body is very well balanced, well mannered, and very bright. What a great peer group in all grades! The parents are wonderful. We are SO happy with our decision to enroll our daughter here. Thank you for being here, Brookfield!
—Submitted by a parent

Our child is now in her second year at Brookfield School and we couldn t be happier. Brookfield has an accelerated curriculum, but it is a vibrant, diverse, and child-centered place for learning. Class sizes are half the size of public schools; teachers are enthusiastic and engaged with parents as well as with the children. The school provides study hall each afternoon for students to work on their homework and there is a comprehensive K-8 sports program that the public schools just can t offer. The facility is a 50 s style building not unlike parochial schools in the area, but a brand new facility is on the horizon. Parents are not asked to fundraise and the tuition cost is worth every dollar spent. The school leader and principal, Dr. Jo sets the tone for the school with grace and humor amidst high expectations. We turned down one of the best public charters in the area for Brookfield and have no regrets. One week into summer vacation, our child was longing to go back to Brookfield.
—Submitted by a parent

My son is a transfer student at Brookfield. We couldn't ask for a more welcoming place for him. He is finally challenged academically and is more at home with his peers. He told me that he "loves the school because everyone in his class is like him". He is excelling in the excellent learning environment at Brookfield.
—Submitted by a parent

My kid is reading chapter books front to back and she's 6 years old. She is doing complicated math problems, has an extensive vocabulary, enjoys writing (now in cursive-- 1st grade!), but still loves make believe and running full speed through the bark at the playground. She enjoys sleepovers and painting her nails. Her peer group is incredibly diverse. Each child, no matter how different their background, is kind and open minded and as wholesome as they come. Every school has its flaws, but this school concentrates on making our community a better place by educating its children in a balanced, comprehensive and worldly way. It teaches them to lead by being gracious, smart and strong without certain societal frills. These kids have no idea how skilled they are or how much they actually know. That, in my humble opinion, makes this school amazing. BUT, if you don't believe me... ask the kids.
—Submitted by a parent

Our son loves his teachers and is challenged by the program. We chose Brookfield because of their outstanding academic program, the wonderful curriculum, and the opportunity for him to be challenged. All of those things have been there in spades! Additionally, we love the community! Academics are incredibly important, but so are the quality of kids, parents, and teachers that he associates with. We love Brookfield.
—Submitted by a parent

We searched all over Sacramento for a school that would fit our desire for a school that focuses on high academic standards in an environment that fosters a desire to learn and kindness to others. We had some trepidation hearing about Brookfield's curriculum. We investigated and liked the warm/fuzzy and physical aspects of parochial, parish and private schools. We did not like the entitlement /behavior we saw in the children at some of these schools combined with a less academic curriculum. So far, I cannot be more happy with Brookfield.They teach good homework habits from the start and the teachers clearly tell parents to not do the homework for the child.They stress that "creative spelling" is perfectly fine and what they are looking for the enthusiasm from the child to want to "write" stories which leads to some creative spelling. Some parents may want their child to turn in work that is heavily edited and maybe these parents feel pushed to do the work for the child. This not the goal for the teachers or the students.I have been happy with the extracurricular options at this point. The structure is lacking but the school is addressing it. All in all, happy after much research.
--Submitted by a parent

My wife and I knew that choosing the right school for our child would be one of the most important decisions we'd make as parents. We were looking for an environment that would help our child identify and develop her unique talents. We were looking for a school that would be an extension of our home in promoting the values we look to instill in our children. We were looking for an environment that would make learning fun; encourage our child's creativity; and a place that would give her a real foundation for her dreams. We found that school in Brookfield. Here are just a few reasons why we love Brookfield... The principal personally tests each and every child before admitting him/her into the appropriate class. The teachers are knowledgeable and very engaged with the parent community. The class sizes are appropriately small. The owners of the school communicate directly with the parent community about their future plans for the school. Brookfield School gets a five star from us! - Submitted by a parent  

Brookfield has been an excellent place for our two daughters. The opportunities provided to our girls in arts, education and sports are perfect for where are girls are in life. They will have a new facility next year which will significantly improve the building they are in. But, the people and curriculum is top notch. —Submitted by a parent  

So far, our experience has been wonderful. We LOVE the first grade school teacher. —Submitted by a parent  
 As the parent of a middle schooler, I am extremely pleased with Brookfield's academic program. Brookfield challenges and motivates the high academic performing students. The Brookfield teachers are superb. Excellent School! —Submitted by a parent

We weighed all of our options before choosing a kindergarten for our child and have been more than impressed with what we have seen so far this year. Our daughter absolutely loves school, loves her teacher, loves her environment and feels connected to a diverse, unique community. She looks forward to school each day, is learning so much more than the basics, and most importantly has fun. We had reservations that perhaps the school might be too focused on academics I can say with 100% certainty that they make learning fun and leave plenty of time throughout the day to be unique, creative individuals. I truly believe Brookfield School welcomes children for who they are and doesn't force them all to be or think a certain way. We are enthusiastically looking forward to seeing what first grade brings next year. —Submitted by a parent  

My 5-year old is in pre-first and she liked the school from the first day. The amount of homework is not too much. My daughter can easily manage it and also completes the extra homework. I check her homework every day and help her correct the mistakes. She has been making so much progress every day, beyond my expectations. --Submitted by a parent

My daughter started pre-first this year and absolutely loves it. I was worried that the curriculum would be too stringent for her little mind, but I am happy to report she LOVES school and is anxious to go back everyday. She talks about her teachers like crazy, actually enjoys doing homework (!) and is surrounded by children from different cultures and backgrounds that seem to be teaching her so much, as well. I love the community at Brookfield and feel like every parent is there for the same reason-- a well-rounded education that challenges their child, but still maintains a nurturing and supportive environment. We are so happy here and are excited to see what each year brings to not only our child, but our entire family. --Submitted by a parent  

Dr. Jo Gonsalves has made this school the best school in Sacramento again. Period. Her exemplary administrative skills and dedication to the student body, as well as her experience as a teacher for many years makes this school such a wonderful experience for the children. The teachers are extraordinary, all donning some advanced graduate degree and an attitude about learning that makes me want to be a better parent/teacher at home. This school is amazing and I am so thrilled to have my children there. I didn't quite realize how much better it was until I had had conversations with friends whose children were attending other private schools. The level of academic achievement is astounding in comparison and like someone said before, the students at Brookfield don't even realize it. It's all just part of their "norm," which is so unbelievable. They make it fun, interesting and yet get down to business. This school, hands down, is the BEST school in town. --Submitted by a parent
I have a child who attends this school and as I know there is nothing that is perfect... but I have found the PERFECT school for my child. Which by the was was not an easy feat. She is finally challanged and what's scarey is she is so very happy and is actually saying she is having fun. I was sort of concerned that she wasn't retaining anything because of the vast amount of information she was learning. But when quizzed weeks later, not only was I given the answers but they were followed up with all sorts of examples. I am so happy I have finally found the type of education I've been searching for. --Submitted by a parent