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Homework & Evaluation

In order to prepare students to meet the demands of prep school and college, the School begins to assign homework as early as first grade. It is understood when parents enroll a child that they are expected to support their child's commitment to the study program. Homework assignments may include: completing class work; exercises to reinforce skills learned and that deepen the understanding of subjects studied; interpreting, synthesizing, or reconstructing ideas through writing projects; and problem solving. For younger students, assignments focus on elementary skills in reading, writing, spelling, and math. As students advance, the focus shifts up to higher-level thinking skills. Assignments will vary in length from 30 minutes to two hours for older students.

Grades evaluate student performance in the classroom environment. There are four grading periods each year. Letter grades are assigned in all grades from first through the eighth. Students who have been prepared every day in every subject receive special recognition on an Honor Roll.

Parents may log-in to our schoolwide electronic grade book to check their child's progress, and grade, discipline, and attendance reports are emailed directly to parents on a regular basis.