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About Us » Philosophy, Mission, "The Brookfield Way," and Expected Schoolwide Learning Outcomes

Philosophy, Mission, "The Brookfield Way," and Expected Schoolwide Learning Outcomes

Our Philosophy
“Brookfield School is a thriving independent, co-educational, college preparatory school, serving children in Kindergarten through eighth grade. The school is best known for its rigorous accelerated curriculum and emphasis on character development. Brookfield’s primary purpose is to prepare our students to become independent thinkers, responsible citizens, and effective leaders.

To achieve this purpose, the curriculum is challenging and balanced, class sizes are small, and students are held to high academic and behavioral standards. Teachers are selected for their collegiality, professionalism, dedication to scholarship, and passion for teaching accelerated learners.

The Brookfield community is proud of our diversity. We emphasize respect and understanding of each other’s differences. We welcome students of all religious, ethnic, and social backgrounds.”
Our Mission Statement
"Brookfield School is a learning community where children are nurtured and cherished.  Our mission is to encourage and guide our students to develop to their fullest potential, both intellectually and socially.  Academic excellence, civility, and good character are hallmarks of Brookfield graduates."
The Brookfield Way
The Brookfield Way is our path to success.
Strive for Excellence...Show Respect...Be Kind...Be Confident
Brookfield Students are always Rising to the Challenge!
Brookfield Expected School-wide Learning Outcomes
Brookfield Students will apply critical and creative thinking to all subject areas.

Brookfield Students will express themselves fluently and confidently in all forms of communication.

Brookfield Students will be good stewards of the environment and humankind.

Brookfield Students will be aware, respectful, and appreciative of diversity.

Brookfield Students will be technologically literate and discerning of social media.

Brookfield Students will be balanced learners, who include World Languages and Cultures, the Arts, and Physical Fitness in their daily lives.

Brookfield Students will develop organizational, time-management, and collaborative skills.