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Preschool » What parents are saying about our preschool.

What parents are saying about our preschool.

My child has attended a preschool prior to Brookfield, and even after talking to the teachers and reviewing the monthly curriculum, I still could not tell and see in my child what he was learning.
Brookfield Preschool challenges my child to learn and master important concepts beyond reading, writing and math. He can write his full name at the beginning of school, and knows a handful of sight words.
He does science, yoga (I actually see him using calming exercises on his own!), Spanish and now French.
He gets homework weekly, which reinforces his learning and allows the parents to see how and what he needs to know. As parents we can also be involved in supporting his learning.
Lastly, the teachers are nice and send weekly lesson plans and other reminders. They have field trips and fun activities in school.
I definitely recommend this preschool program.
                                                                             Posted by Gabrielle V., PK Parent
Brookfield preschool is really amazing. My 3 yrs old son started preschool
not knowing his ABCs, and is able to write his name within a month. He
loves his teacher. He is always eager to learn as evidenced by his
desire to do his daily homework. He has made many friends and has grown so
much thanks to the amazing staff! We are truly impressed and wished we
started his learning journey sooner with Brookfield Preschool.
                                                          Posted by Charlotte and Bounmee

We just enrolled our 4 year old boy in Brookfield for their brand new pre-school program. We are so happy that we made the move to Brookfield. The program director Janie is always there to make sure all your questions answered. Dr. Jo did great job welcoming us to the community. Ms. Williams made their first week transition as smooth as possible. My child is learning actively everyday and Ms. Williams has a monthly teaching planner for her class. She is a very caring teacher and the kids love her. My boy tells me everyday that he loves his school and Ms. Williams. As parents, we can't say enough thank you to the school!
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