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Mrs. Ellen Meeker » Meet Mrs. Meeker!

Meet Mrs. Meeker!

Mrs. Meeker joined Brookfield with 9 years of teaching experience, primarily in middle school science. She has a BS in Zoology from UC Davis and she completed the Teacher Preparation program at CSU Sacramento. Mrs. Meeker holds three California teaching credentials: Multiple Subjects, Single Subject Biology, and Single Subject Business.

Mrs. Meeker hasn’t always been a teacher. In 2004, she did a crazy thing. She chucked her successful career as a technology industry technical writer and went back to college to become a teacher! She had worked for some established companies as well as some wildly fun, but ultimately doomed startups. Most of the time it was extremely interesting and satisfying work. Learning so much about how computers work and the software development process satisfied her innate geekiness. She even got to help design the user interfaces for a few products. She loved the challenge of finding ways to break down and describe complicated concepts so anyone could understand them.

After some time in the technology industry, she began to feel that she needed to do something to make a contribution to the future. If there's such a thing as a career bucket list, teaching was in hers. She often told herself that, when she grew up, she would become a teacher. So, in 2004, it was time to grow up! She tells us,“It was honestly one of the best decisions I've ever made!”

Mrs. Meeker loves helping young people learn about the world and find their own unique paths to their futures.