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Community Service Program Information

Brookfield Community Service

Our school values participation in community service as an important aspect of developing well-rounded, civic-minded, and compassionate leaders.  All Brookfield students are encouraged to take advantage of the many opportunities available to them to serve each other, our school, our local community, and our global community. 

Grades P1-4
Each primary class (P1-4) has adopted a “pet project” to introduce our youngest students to the value of community service.  The class projects are designed to allow students to experience some hands-on opportunities.  Room parents will assist each homeroom teacher by selecting and scheduling a community service field trip or activity once per term.  Parent participation/supervision is strongly encouraged.  These service opportunities may include “adopting” an area of the school grounds for maintenance/beautification, recycling programs, food banks, etc. 

Grades 5-8
Students who are willing to give of their time and talents to help others are happier and better adjusted than those who do not practice community service.  All Brookfield middle school students are encouraged to do what they can, within their busy schedules.  Our school recognizes that some students have less time than others to commit to community service, and so our middle school program is designed with that reality in mind.   

Students are encouraged to set a personal goal for community service each year and for service throughout their middle school years; however, participation in the Brookfield Community Service Program is optional. 

How the Program Works:
The Community Service Coordinator (CSC) meets with middle school students to discuss opportunities for community service on and off campus.  The CSC keeps a record of the number of community service hours logged by each participant. 
Before the end of each term, the student meets with the Community Service Coordinator to review progress.  The Coordinator records the number of service hours completed for that term on the student’s report card. 
Students in grades 5-7 who have completed 10 or more service hours by the end of each school year will receive a Community Service Merit Award.
The student who has completed the most service hours at the end of the year at each grade level will receive a Community Service Medal.
The graduate who has earned the greatest number of service hours (cumulative) over the course of 5-8 grades will receive the Community Service Plaque at graduation.  Graduates who have completed over 50 hours of service receive medals at graduation. 
What kind of activities count as community service? 
The Community Service Coordinator (CSC) will publicize service opportunities to students and their families in the Wednesday Memo, and will organize community service field trips on Friday afternoons and weekends for middle school students.  In addition to, as an alternative to these school sponsored activities, students may:

Tutor younger students during before/after school care
Volunteer to assistant coach a Pee Wee sports team
Volunteer as a Music Class Helper
Adopt an area of the school grounds for clean up and/or beautification
Provide free babysitting services to families with young children (not a relative)
Get involved in park, creek, and other community clean up projects
Assist an elderly or disabled neighbor with yard or house work
Work with younger students as a mentor or tutor in community programs such as Girls and Boys Clubs, etc.
Assist with charitable activities sponsored by groups such as Junior League, Rotary, Optimist Club, etc.
Volunteer at your local animal shelter or food bank
Volunteer to work at a local Special Olympics event
Volunteer to serve a meal at a homeless shelter
Think of something not on this list?  Just get preapproval from your CSC!
What will NOT count for community service hours?
Any service for which the student is compensated, financially or otherwise.
Service within one’s immediate family
A fundraising activity, including candy and magazine sales, even if the sale benefits a charitable organization.
Any work that was not actually done by the student.  Parents may not earn hours for their children.