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Student Handbook » Free Dress and Extra Curricular Activities Topics

Free Dress and Extra Curricular Activities Topics

Free Dress Days
Eighth grade students are given the privilege of free dress one-day each month. Prospective students and parents visit unexpectedly and regularly. How students choose to dress reflects both on themselves and the School. If a student arrives at school inappropriately dressed, he or she may be asked to return home to change. If a student has a dress inspection slip during the month s/he will not have the privilege to participate in free-dress day that month. With the privilege of being "out of uniform", students must still dress appropriately. Students are not allowed to call home if they forget that it is "free dress" day and must stay in proper uniform. Shorts must be hemmed and the bottom length at least even with the end of the fingers when arms are held at the side. The following are not permitted: shirts containing profanity, inappropriate words or pictures; tank tops with large armholes. Pants must fit at the waist and be worn at the waist. Belts should be worn. No sagging pants. No hats. Girls may not wear make-up or clothing that have spaghetti straps, midriff, or see through tops. Girls may not wear dangling earrings (stud earrings only) , a necklace, rings, or nail polish (clear polish only). Boys still may not wear earrings. All students earn a free-dress day by working to help needy families before the holidays in December. That free-dress day is especially free and crazy. Both students and teachers participate.

Clubs/Organizations/Field Trips/Extra Curricular Activites
The School does not sponsor, underwrite or organize any outside clubs, organizations, field trips, or extra-curricular activities. Any organized activities of parents and/or students outside of the academic curriculum are not considered to be part of the School's activities. That includes, but is not limited to: The Brookfield Parent's Association, Odyssey of the Mind, and any organized visits classes make outside the school with parents. The School does not participate in any activities planned by parents for student participation after school hours or during the school day. The office must approve all notices to parents. The responsible parent must sign notices prepared by parents to be distributed at school and clearly state that the planned activity is a parent function not a Brookfield School function. Money cannot be collected in the classroom for any activities. If this fails to cover any and all situations regarding extra-curricular activities, parents should seek clarification in the office.

Fund Raising
There is no fundraising other than the annual food-drive for Stanford Settlement's Operation Cratchit, which takes place in December, and occasional small student-driven activities. Scholarships and financial aid are not available through the school. However, private organizations that do assist families for tuition financing at the elementary school level frequently send literature. Those references are available in the office.