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Student Handbook » Holidays and School Visits Topics

Holidays and School Visits Topics

Traditional school holidays closely follow those of the Sacramento City Schools. Those days include: Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Winter Break, President's Day, Martin Luther King Jr's Birthday, Spring Break which begins on Good Friday and Memorial Day. Other non-school days include Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah because the Temple uses the facilities on those days. The School is nondenominational; Brookfield School does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, color, religion or national or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational or admission policies.

Birthday Party Invitations/Parties at School
The School prefers that no invitations be distributed on campus. If invitations are distributed at school, all classmates must be invited. Boys may invite male classmates only, and girls may invite female classmates only, if desired. There are no parties at school. If a parent should send treats for the class, they will be distributed at break period or at lunch.

Classroom Visitors
It has always been the policy of the School that teaching is the School's responsibility. Parents are not invited to help out in the classrooms or assist with the teaching process. Our classrooms are small and cannot accommodate extra people. However, parents can be of assistance to their child by making sure their child does pleasure reading and completes homework assignment at home. Visitors, guest speakers, or activities for parents and guests are only planned with prior authorization of the Director.

Animals on Campus
Any dog, cat, or other similar pet on campus should be on a leash with a muzzle or in a confined cage for the safety of both the animal and the students.