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Bulletin Board » Read a Testimonial from the Parent of a Brookfield Scholarship Student

Read a Testimonial from the Parent of a Brookfield Scholarship Student

One Star’s Fabulous Launch

I do not have a problem with the public school system.  One of my parents was a teacher within the public school system for almost 20 years and I myself grew up attending public school.  Though that was my path in life and if benefited me well, I had reason to believe that my child needed to take a different path to receive more than what the typical public school has to offer.  What I had come to observe over the years was that my child has a mind like a race horse that requires more room to run and that it would benefit him the most to be in an environment that would challenge his mental muscles to their upper limits.

Our time with Brookfield has proven how beneficial it has been for my child to be in an environment where the academics keep him challenged and engaged daily.  It is amazing how he has so quickly grown accustomed to the curriculum, the students, and the teachers as though it is a second home where he comfortably belongs.  He has treaded along with the advanced academic requirements without complaint, but in fact proud and confident in what he is learning and accomplishing.  He has amazed me every step of the way and so has the Brookfield school.

I am continually grateful for the generosity that has been instrumental in providing this opportunity for my child.  It has been a great gift to be able to give my child this opportunity, to know that I am bringing him daily to a place that is the best and most beneficial situation that I could have ever imagined for him.  One day I am certain he will be old enough to understand and recognize what a great experience he had been given from such benevolent patrons.  With the same love I have for my child, I hope any other parent in such similar situations will likewise be given the opportunity that I have been so fortunate to find.